Tips For Introducing Cats

 Tips For Introducing Cats

If you figure out to purchase a new cat at home, it will generally cost you and your household greater than the cat you already have. Although most cats are lonely by means of nature, most also take delivery of or subsequently enable supplements. Cats can be very territorial, so you need to usually be cautious when introducing a new cat to your present day cat.

  • When relationship kittens, the entire dating manner can be short and can take up to 10-15 days. Mutual acquaintance of cats depends on their behavior and personality. 

  • When you introduce a new cat to your cutting-edge cat, you want to make sure that you always give your cutting-edge cat a lot of love and attention. 

  • This way, your cat will sense protected and will comprehend that it will no longer compete with your new cat for love.

When you convey your new cat home, you will want to remain in a safe room until you are finished with the cat show. Your safe can be any small room in your house, such as a toilet or an more bedroom. The key here is to use a room where your cutting-edge cat can't. You have to leave your new cat in the bed room with a scratching post, litter box, water bowl, bedding and food bowl.

First, your current cat can bark and hiss as it stands in the doorway attempting to inform the other cat that it cannot hear. If this happens, you skip it, because punishing a cat for its conduct will only lead to many problems. After a while, the first cat starts to cross quietly as it approaches the door of the new cat. When he starts shifting calmly, he wishes to be cared for and praised. 

When your first cat begins walking via the door of your new cat and doesn't scream or say; you can start introducing them to each other. The pleasant way to do this is to introduce them to each other's scents. You can permit them to eat from the identical food, even if you desire to feed them at special intervals first. This way, each cat will scent on a feeding plate and every cat will scent it when it eats its food.

Once each cats get used to the smell, you can start feeding them shut to every other. To do this, you need to area your new cat in a protected room with the door closed and your first cat on the different aspect of the door with its plate of food. Feed both cats at the same time. After doing this various times, they ought to start eating without hissing or growling. At this point, they are prepared to introduce themselves to each other.

If you introduce them to each different in the equal room, a little grumbling and hissing are expected. Although they may be used to smelling at every other; Your first cat will nonetheless sense a little awkward when your new cat is in her territory. First you have to play the two of them to odor every other and say hello. When they start fighting, you have to break them and give them time to separate.

It can take a while, even if they can - to be a lifelong game. Cats love socializing, even if it's a little problematic at first, specially with your first cat. Cats can be very territorial, particularly if you have a kitten around. If you get each of them used to each different early on – it will be a lot less complicated to add future cats to your home.

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